Saturday, June 30, 2007

Being covered in shit sucks

Sometimes you don't realize you're covered in shit
Sometimes you won't admit it to yourself
Sometimes you're full of shit
Sometimes you think the world is shit
So you may as well
be too

Other times
You scrape a little bit of shit off
only to see more on its ways
You give it the good old college try
but something inside of you snaps
betraying your soul

The good times, the great times

you roll in the grass
drop off that fertilizer

you roll in the snow
damn that feels fine

you grab a hose
wash down your subconscious
jump in the clear cold Lake (Georgian Bay, Je t'aime)
let your consciousness and unconsciousness unite
to get rid of that overpowering stink

Perhaps it'll come back again
bet on the other hand
perhaps you'll learn
magic, magic, magic!
shit turns into new plants

Gaia, Je t'aime

The Universe is more beautiful than any shit in your soul
so let the sunshine in
look up at the stars
and let the magic carry you away

P.S. This random rambling is, believe it or not, is an indication that I will be replying to quite a few unanswered messages, etc. in the near future.