Saturday, December 02, 2006

Dion party :)


I have no idea if anyone reads the shit I write...but I have fun doing it regardless!

totally exhausted.
very happy.
lots of environmentalists here.
We're all breathing a collective sigh of relief.
the feeling around us is exhilarating.

For those environmentalist action type whom I said I would come out an dparty with tonight- I'm sorry, but my cell phone is dead, and it is too difficult to leave this place!

I'll try and put a more substantial blog entry up tomorrow, one that talks about something other than politics!

Too be honest, this has been one of the greatest weeks of my life, but one can only take so much politics.

I'm looking forward to X-mas, the ability to sleep, the love of family and friends.

Still haven't figured out my exam schedule. Life is complicated by the fact that I need to drop into the hill soon (to connect with the federal Greens), and talk to the McGill profs who will help me do my very exciting internship next term.

I'm betting we'll get and election sometime between Febraury and May.

I'm hopefully getting surgery for my shoulder soon too.

this is an awfully fun time to be alive and young.

how many other people think that we're hitting that 30/40 year cycle where the young, the old, the apathetic get excited about life, the future, protecting their own and the grandchildren's interests?

I know my parents wetn through something like that when we all worked together to prevent the cold war from becoming hot/nuclear war/our democracies from collapsing.

I sure damn hope so....

Down at the convention.
Lots of energy here.
Definately one of the most exciting liberal ones.
working hard to get them thinking about the environment.
If you see a sign on national tv that looks like its an 'environmentalist' sign and not a liberal 'sign' is probably mine, or another mcgill environmentalist.
fun and exciting times.

So Iggy won't win, can't wait to hear the next round of speeches. Kennedy, Dion and Rae are all sending out positive vibes.