Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Interesting Iran tweets:

  • Military summary: high ranks confused and fragmented, middle ranks leaning toward revolutionaries, low ranks split and angry, feel betrayed.
  • thr R plenty of gd questions, but it feels lk we're ALWAYS limited to 140 characters..
  • Election official seen in green and attacking lone Besiji worker in Tabriz
  • It is good you all are being wary of sources- including me. But asking me to verify myself seems a bit silly.
  • me@austinheap.com is doing a great job, now has multi-gigabit VPN. E-mail for details
  • REMINDER: You can RT my name and encourage people to follow - I can't be touched by Iranian regime.
  • New private #Iran proxy server up *BULLET*PROOF* for 72-96 hours, need 50 people in #Iran who need accounts, 72bp@austinheap.com
  • nothing special, Sirens, motorcycles, smock & smell of burnt stuff.
  • it is now dawn in tehran - streets are quiet - we must move from here - this was good internet connection but not ours - #Iranelection
  • last night thousands stayed in streets between Parkway and Vanak sq until after 2am
  • only baseej militia and Etellaat folowing orders - they cannot contain country without Army
  • unconfirmed - military has refused orders to shoot protesters -
  • several arrests today after tracking thru twiter proxys
  • The most circulated email today was asking people to keep their door open for those escaping from riot police


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